This little ball of felting wool:


I’m starting early, because Christmas is the time of (amongst other, more significant, things!) being seriously behind-schedule.
This is not a Christmas blog post, one of my biggest annoyances is when the decorations are up in towns and shops, and the Christmas music is playing by the end of September, and you’re already sick of it, even before advent starts. So this is about craft, and it just so happens that the end product will be used as decoration at that time of year.

01 felted garland

This beautiful garland from Small Bird Blog is something I’ve wanted to make for a while, and now I feel justified in starting. All of the research that I’ve done on different felting methods suggests that it can take a while to make enough balls for a garland, so since I want it finished in time to decorate my flat this year, I have to get into gear now!

Pinterest is also brimming with other horribly tempting projects… I must keep remembering that I only have a small flat..! Have a look at what’s on my (wishful) to-do list here, and (for those gearing up for Christmas already, well, no harm in being prepared, I suppose) here.

What’s on your list?


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