My mother always said (1)


She always said that I shouldn’t knit with 100% natural fibres, and showed me, as proof, a few of her woollen cardis that had been partially devoured by moths. She suggested using wools containing a small percentage of man-made fibre.

But moths always seemed like a problem for someone else, moth balls make me think of old ladies’ wardrobes full of fur coats and woollen shawls, not for the likes of me. So I carried on, regardless, knitting with merino wool (oh, it’s so lovely and soft. How could I give it up?)

But yesterday I discovered my first moth casualty. I was just finishing weaving in the ends of a tiny baby cardi, that I started quite a long time ago, for the (nearly) imminent baby of a very dear friend. As I came to the last loose thread on one of the cuffs, my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a (neon) light, that split the… wool.


I’ve been lucky, the hole was just about quarter of an inch from the end of the cuff, so I can easily undo the last bit and re-knit it… but it’s a tad disheartening.

Here’s something else I’ve been knitting, once it’s blocked and buttoned, I’ll post more about it.


Yes, yes, it’s also 100% merino wool.

And here’s a little splash of colour for an autumn day. The Boy waltzed in the other day (possibly a slight exaggeration, he had a mild case of man-flu) after a week in a tent in Holland with some flowers he’d picked from a pick-your-own field. Most of the large jars that double as vases and preserving receptacles are being used to house plums in various alcoholic concoctions. The only one left that was tall enough was a deep blue glass jar from my grandmother, which usually I’d dismiss as too garish to put brightly-coloured flowers in, but it just goes to show that breaking habits can liven things up. I love the combination of colours.


Are there any tips out there for keeping the moths away from my lovingly crafted 100% woollen creations?

2 thoughts on “My mother always said (1)

  1. I always thought moths were a kind of scary urban legend ! Oh là là ! (if anyone gives you tips, I’ll be willing to hear them… Just in case)

    It looks lovely though, even with the little hole… ;)
    And the bouquet is such a lovely attention ! Way to go, Boy.

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