My contribution to Halloween

I am not a Halloween do-er. I don’t do Halloween.
I’m not a Scrooge: I love Christmas as much as the next person, it is the high point of winter, (although I try to shy away from the commercial side as much as possible.) But I love Autumn for all sorts of reasons, and they are, for the most part, freely provided by Mother Nature, not something that corporations have taken completely away from its original meaning and commercialised.

I have a pumpkin, it’s sitting outside my window, keeping cool, and I intend to create something yummy with it, not carve a face into its skin and throw it away a week later.


That said, the only reason I bought this little fellow, was because of his miniature resemblance to a Halloween pumpkin. But I won’t be carving him up either, he’s perfect as he is.


That’s all.


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