The Best of Autumn


So, autumn is sliding inevitably into winter. There are still leaves on the trees that I can see from my window as I type, the now-bare trees at the edges of the garden have protected the trees in the middle, but a few more strong winds and they’ll all be left standing with just their bark on a carpet of un-mown grass and fallen leaves. The leaves on the road don’t get much of a chance, they’re scarcely left a day before the Swiss de-clutter brigade is out to tidy them away. Heaven knows where they take them.

We had one shower of snow about a month ago but the city is fairly protected in a valley, and it didn’t settle. It’s only a matter of time, though, before the Helvetian winter gets going properly. So here are some of my favourite pictures from the last couple of months.

P1120756 P1120732 P1120725 P1120607 P1120603 P1120601 P1120591 P1120584 P1120581 P1120473 P1120300 P1120291 P1120283 P1120282 P1120249 P1120227 P1120171 P1120129

P1120046P1120081 P1120909 P1120889 P1120886 P1120880 P1120879 P1120863 P1120861 P1120851 P1120774 P1120433

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