Brocki Love


Switzerland is an expensive place to live, no two ways about it. But one of the very redeeming features is the Brockis which you see signposted on every country road, and in every town (mostly when you don’t have time, they’re more difficult to find when you’re looking for them.)

I was a massive charity shopper when I was in the homeland, they don’t have the same idea here, although there are Salvation Army Brockis.They can be well organised, everything on shelves with similar items, clothes arranged by size, everything priced-up and labelled properly. Others are organised more like someone’s loft, turn up and hope you find something hidden among the broken chairs and boxes. Like this:



So, here are some of the pretties I’ve picked up recently for a couple of Swiss Francs each (apart from the furniture.)

Brocki Love

I saw this lamp in a town Brocki a while ago and agonised over it for a good 20 minutes, while The Boy looked around the other items. I kept leaving it and looking at other shelves, but returning to it like a tormented lover. I’m thoroughly glad I bought it in the end.


My father should be proud that I use a milk jug (for best.) It was hard to find one that was elegant but a decent size. It’s worth waiting though, this one is perfect :)


Complete impulse buy for 1 franc, useful for keeping the earrings and hairclips that I use regularly in one place. I love the little fluted corners.


Traditional milk can serves as a waste paper bin for my living room. I saw someone using one to carry milk (as it’s meant for) from the farm up the hill the other day. I have my glass bottles though, which fit better in my fridge door!


This is something that I use for what it is meant for, (they’re good for stewed fruit or oats.) I like to do that, it’s all very well “upcycling” and “repurposing”, but I get some pleasure out of finding something old, and giving it a new lease of its old life. After all, things used to be made to last, which is a great deal more than can be said for things that are made today.


Sweet little retro desk lamp, which got very hot until I got an LED bulb for it. I like a nice mix of pretty and retro.


I have an old cigar box of my Grandpa’s, so when I saw this in the attic of a Brocki I snapped it up.


Even better, inside are a stack of old tracing paper envelopes, for something or sometime special.


This was an early acquisition, I added the cord myself when I was practising to make some hanging plant pots for a birthday present (or two.)


I love the sort of steampunk quality of the illustration in this tin, although I’ve yet to decide what to keep in it…


Doilies. I’ve been scouring brockis and charity shops for these for a while, for a project that I’ll share soon. It’s mostly / almost finished.


This, which I’ve already mentioned in this post. When we found it, we checked to see that the cupboard behind the glass door on the left was tall enough to fit records in. We neglected, however, to check that it was deep enough. Which it turns out it wasn’t. Now I’m glad that we didn’t though, because I’m happy with it all the same, the records stay somewhere else, and it’s perfect for storing boxes of… random stuff.


And on the subject: these. Many (although not all) of which have been scavenged from brockis and flea markets that I stumble across. I’m not a music technology nerd, but the sound of vinyl is just sooo much nicer than sterile CDs or MP3s. And I love the ritual of putting on a record. It makes you appreciate the music so much more. Although admittedly it’s not so convenient when you’re cooking, (and no, I’m not giving up my CD collection. Don’t even think about it.)


And last but not least (although ’tis not yet the season, despite what the shops say) a few glass baubles. Amongst the tack that make up a lot of Christmas stalls, there is often something classy to be had. If you have the time and patience. And I’m not one for a co-ordinated Christmas tree. When the time comes.

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