A Swiss Christmas Market

There is nothing to get the Christmas feeling going like the smell of mulled wine (or, the German Glühwein which sounds rather less appetising to my English ears!) Christmas music, yes, that works too, and a wander round a Christmas market in the freezing cold (with regular mulled wine breaks to warm up.)


I was first introduced to Christmas markets only a few years ago, when I visited a friend on the Franco-German border during “(tis) the season”. Apparently they’ve caught on in England, although I haven’t had the chance to visit one. My unfortunate cynicism leads me to suppose that they probably feel as artificial and out-of-place as the Mediterranean café-culture that local councils attempt to impose on quiet English market towns, and then act all surprised when no-one’s up for sitting out in the “piazza” to drink their grande frappucino (or whatever) in the pouring English rain. (If anyone can prove me wrong, I’d be delighted.)

But anyway. Here I am, nicely placed away from said rain, enjoying the best of the European Christmas traditions, which somehow seem to have so much more meaning than in our rather shallow-ified culture. (Father Christmas on St Nicholas’ day, reference to him being a bishop?! What is this traditional, rooted-in-history rubbish?)

So, soap-box stowed away, and without further ado, here are some pictures of the Bremgarten Weihnachtsmarkt from the weekend.




An amazing glass-blower created a gorgeous wine glass in front of us which The Boy bought (along with its significant other.)

P1130520 P1130546



Cheese. There has to be cheese. P1130553


P1130571Some really pretty lanterns made from old cans.

P1130579 P1130581

We went into a cellar to warm up and eat. The choice was a full portion or a half portion of risotto. I love not having to choose. Plus it was delicious. And someone on our table couldn’t finish their wine, and so donated it to us. Win-win-win!

P1130595 P1130596


Some gorgeous colourful lanterns.

P1130607    P1130523 P1130525

Amazing chocolate creations!

P1130559 P1130604 P1130619P1130614


And something a little less in the traditional style.


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