Painted Gift-Tags


I’m back in my little flat, after 2 lovely Christmas / New Year weeks in England. It was a nice quiet one, which is all you need really when time with your family is so limited. The drama was limited to losing power the night before Christmas Eve with no guarantee that it would be back in time to cook the turkey on the day, and having to gut the turkey by candlelight at nearly midnight (I’m not afraid of what my food looked like before it was neatly trussed and roasted.) We were lucky enough to be up and running by the evening of Christmas Eve, although many others weren’t so lucky.

But since I arrived back pretty late last night, I’m pretty wiped out, so I’m going for a cop-out post, comprising mostly of pictures of some wooden gift-tags that I made in a sudden rush of creativeness after all my main presents had been finished (which was when I should have been pack the night before I left. Story of my life.)

P1130734 P1130736 P1130738 P1130739 P1130740 P1130742

“Upcycled” (does this count as upcycling) from old cello bridges from work (taken with permission, not stolen..)

And now off to start re-organising my kitchen cupboards around all the mugs I couldn’t stop myself from bringing back…


4 thoughts on “Painted Gift-Tags

  1. Those are so incredibly beautiful – I have such a clever Fairy God-daughter. Can’t imagin where you get it from!
    So glad that I was able to see you before Christmas as I really missed the family getogether.

  2. Well done with the upcycling ! These are very pretty :)
    Two things:
    – Wow ! You know how to gut a turkey ! You never cease to amaze me!
    – Do you also save the old bows, and if so, what do you do with them?
    Aaaand… A happy new year to you !

    1. Actually, I partly stole the idea from those necklaces you made a while ago with the centre of a violin bridge ;)
      My turkey-gutting knowledge is pretty new, I made my father teach me… when the apocalypse comes and all that…
      I’m not sure what he does with bows that are beyond being worth repairing, I think he just bins them. If you have a better idea I’d like to know! (Trying to reduce landfill..) I tried to persuade him to make them into a Christmas tree last month, but the idea didn’t inspire him sufficiently…

      Happy new year to you all too!

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