One Week In

P1110425-001Well, one week into 2014, and I haven’t done what seems to be a requirement of blogging: a round-up of the last year and a presentation of resolutions for the New Year.
Now, I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. If you really want to do or change something about your life, you don’t need to wait until the number of the year changes to do it.
I do have an ever-expanding list of things that I want to change, things like baking more bread, painting more, starting to do yoga in the mornings again, keeping my flat tidy as I go along and just being a generally nicer person. But I won’t beat myself up if I don’t do them. I’m not someone who likes to live to a target: I don’t like things not going to plan, and the best way that I can find to avoid this is not to make many plans.

As for 2013? Well, the easiest way for me to sum it up is with pictures of some of the best bits.

Blog round-up 01

A visit to Switzerland in January which changed quite a lot in my life.

Blog round-up 03Blog round-up 02

A family long weekend in the depths of Yorkshire. I love the the patchwork formation that the dry-stone walls give to the landscape.

Blog round-up 04

Teapots in my favourite teashop at home. Making the most of the familiar things that you get so used to in your home-place.

Blog round-up 05
On the other hand, discovering the lovely view out of my flat windows, which was a fluke, since before I moved in I had only visited it in the dark. The trees were a lovely surprise.

Blog round-up 06 Blog round-up 07

Random times in Winterthur.

Blog round-up 08

Starting to climb on real rocks.

Blog round-up 09

A street-fair in my Swiss city, this puppet-master absolutely captivated his audience, adults and children together.

Blog round-up 10

The family holiday, which cannot occur without a decent amount of wear to our walking boots…Blog round-up 11 Blog round-up 12

…whatever the weather.Blog round-up 13..

… and I’m usually right at the back of the walk.

Blog round-up 14

Blog round-up 15 Blog round-up 16

A beautiful few days in a beautiful, still corner of Switzerland. A biodynamically run schloss / hotel (thoroughly hippy – half of my family would thoroughly disapprove!)

Blog round-up 17 Blog round-up 18

A couple of fantastic days spent camping, climbing and on the road in between. The horse had nothing to do with us, but what a place to walk a horse!

Blog round-up 19

A day of sailing on Lake Constance.

Blog round-up 20 Blog round-up 21 Blog round-up 22

A drive across Switzerland and France to a good friend’s wedding, one of the high points of the year, meeting up with a large group of friends at such a happy occasion is one of the best ways to spend time.

Blog round-up 23

Back home for an all-too brief weekend, nothing says English summer more than a spot of cricket…Blog round-up 24

… and another lovely wedding, the second of three.

Blog round-up 25 Blog round-up 26

Some little time spend in the indeterminate area between Switzerland and Italy, which is officially Italian, but speaks German.

Blog round-up 27

Fruits of the autumn. Scratches and greenish grazes are all part of the fun.

Blog round-up 28 Blog round-up 29

My favourite bar. Piano and mis-matched chandeliers. Where oddly, I seem to hear more English than German. Quite a relief after a hard week’s Germanic sprechen!

Blog round-up 30

And my favourite coffee shop. Piano (spotting a theme yet?) and coffee bean roaster all in one slightly whimsical, elegantly decorated room.

Blog round-up 31

Random affections of a wandering cat.

Blog round-up 32

The calves who guard the milch-automat.

Blog round-up 33

Blog round-up 34 Blog round-up 35

Various city views and the walk up the hill to get milk.

Blog round-up 37

Blog round-up 36

A walk through the woods to the next village with my Dad in my Christmas holiday. Getting back into my countryside.

Blog round-up 38

Chickens that will not stay in their enclosure.

Blog round-up 39

The Serpentine. Kensington Gardens side. The heron was unperturbed by the photographers, I’m not sure if this one noticed me.

Blog round-up 40

Camden always throws up something.

Blog round-up 41

Doing the last minute preparation for Christmas without electricity.

Blog round-up 42

And it’s time for the new year. I hope it’s a good one for everyone, and at least twice as good as 2013!


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