Starry starry night


This should have been a Christmas post, but you know how it is just before Christmas, particularly if you’re the sort of person that draws up a list of presents that you’re going to make, and then leaves it until the last moment to actually make them.
And anyway, I still have a few of the spares, and the ones that went wrong, and they do nicely as non-Christmas decoration for me: who said stars are only for Christmas?

In my then- extensive ramblings around Pinterest (which I’ve since managed to curb significantly) I came across this picture, which came from Toast, although the exact link seems to have disappeared.

star garland

I wanted to do this with old music paper, but the local second-hand shop could only yield old music books printed on thick paper, which were difficult to fold neatly, and didn’t give the semi-transparent effect in the picture.

So my idea evolved, and I’m very glad it did, it would have taken forever to fold enough stars for the amount that I ended up making!

So I made 3 different sized star templates, drew round them onto leaves from the music book (Beethoven’s violin sonatas, if you’re interested. I’d never be able to play them – it’s what made me feel less bad about cutting them up!) and spent many happy hours cutting them out, 3 sheets at a time. Thank goodness for Downton Abbey!


I experimented briefly with coating them in beeswax, but again, that would have taken an age, so I left that idea tied firmly to a tree by the wayside so that it couldn’t come after me. The few stars that had taken part in the experiment made it onto my Christmas tree, and very lovely they looked too.

Then out came my trusty old Singer machine which I acquired somehow during my time at college. It’s proper vintage (innit,) or retro, or whatever you want to call it. It’s old. And I love it.



And proceeded to sew the stars together, using red needly thread and grey bobbin thread. Between each star I kept sewing, pulling the last star gently, and the threads twisted themselves together. Lovely!




I made each garland about 4 metres long,  with 40 or so stars, and then just tied the different coloured threads together at each end. Simples.

I made about 10 of these, they’re so easy to wrap around a piece of card and slip into an envelope with a Christmas card, just to add a bit of a special touch. But for a while my book case looked like this:


And the ones where the thread broke half way through, or where my machine threw a wobbly and adjusted the tension for me are still hanging around my room. And there they’ll stay.


They leave nice shadows on the inside of my bed-curtain when the light is on.


Although strangely addictive, I think I will try and find something a bit quicker to make next year!


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