January smiles

In a mood of self-indulgence, here are some pictures of what has made me smile in January.


I do so love a nice bit of iron-mongery on a gate!P1140213

The seriously retro Christmas lights of St Gallen. The very obvious supporting wires somehow add to their charm for me.P1140220

Mis-matched wooden chairs in my favourite coffee shop.P1140352This makes me think of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, almost too good to be true. And distinctly autumnal-looking, although it was taken in January. The winter has been odd all over Europe.P1140365

When a very well-dressed stranger sat down opposite me on the train, the couple of inches between his black suede shoes and smart jeans made me smile.P1140398 P1140399

When something this beautiful lands on my bench at work, it’s hard to keep it to myself. Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonenfis.P1140429


There has been a bit of snow…P1140443

I love this picture. Taking babies for a walk. P1140493

These cakes are wonderful. Even if I say so myself!P1140517

The gorgeous trivet that I had for Christmas, which also doubles as a wall decoration. And my mother says she can never think of things to get me…P1140521

And another, extremely snuggley Christmas present, which is just so soft and warm :)P1140542

And last but not least, (re)discovering a classic which I had to read 10 years ago at school and hated. But this edition is so cute and vintage that the feeling of pulling it out and reading it is so nice time I’m old enough to appreciate it much more.


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