Agnes Jumper (1)


There aren’t many things that are more exciting than two large parcels of beautiful wool being delivered to your flat, one fine Friday lunchtime, signifying the start of a new knitting project. If you’re someone like me anyway. I say two large parcels, he only left me with one, I had to go to the post office to collect the second one and pay the import duty on it. Pfft, non-EU countries. But even with the duty payment, it still worked out a lot cheaper, including postage, to order the wool over from England than buying it in a shop here. Normally I like to support local businesses, but there are limits, and when you can make three jumpers including buying the needles for the price that a shop would charge for the wool for one jumper… well, that’s one of those limits!

The pattern is Agnes, by Melissa Lebarre, and I first saw it on My So-Called Handmade Life: it’s the jumper in the header.
I love the simple design, the almost-secret pockets, and the fact that it’s raglan (which is just sooo much easier than worrying about sewing things together at the end!) I actually find the way that the jumper hangs nicer in her pictures than in the pictures with the pattern, so I will be following her modifications.
I also like the common consensus that it’s a very quick knit, I’m a sucker for a project that pays off quickly: with super-bulky wool and UK size 0 (8mm) needles, it surely can’t take too long. I’ve already started: finish the project that I’m already on first? What’s that all about then?

The wool I’m using is Drops Andes, 65% wool, 35% alpaca. Yes, I know. 100% natural fibres. Will I ever learn? But it matched the gauge of the wool used in the original pretty closely, and I love the gorgeous, muted colours. I’m going for a mossy green, and later in the process I’ll look out a nice contrasting colour for the pockets.


I ordered two other colours of the same wool, some of my family already know what the next birthday present will be…P1140650

This has also been a first for me: I swatched! I (almost) never make swatches, my main area so far has been hats and scarves and baby clothes, and it isn’t quite so important that the size is exact. Since the jumper is knit in the round, the pattern suggests it’s a good idea to knit the swatch in the round too: I copied the way it is done on My So-Called Handmade Life, looping the wool behind the swatch rather than cutting it. I hate to waste nice wool, so I undid it afterwards. Are you meant to keep swatches?

P1140621 P1140622

Well, it’s so easy to pick up and do a couple of rows, and knitting something this quick is addictive, so even just by snatching moments here and there, it’s already looking like a jumper, which is very pleasing :)


More when it’s progressed further. Probably quite soon then!



2 thoughts on “Agnes Jumper (1)

  1. I have been told recently that a good way to get rid of any marauding moths is to place the garment in a deep freezer. I was also told that, during the warmer weather, some people keep their woollens in the freezer for the whole summer!

  2. Love the wool. I’ve recently unearthed my knitting machines.. Took me as long to get knitting on them as when I first had them as had to learn all over again. Managed to make a few little things for the village Christmas bazaar.
    Going away for the weekend- Hamstead Marshall comes into the equation.. Have wound a little ball of 4ply & sorted some No 11 or were they 12 needles to start making….. A sheep! Look @ or something similar & you will see my the cause of my sheep obsession.
    Supposed to be double knit but I want a little one.

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