Plums, the third.


So, the feeling of spring is in the air. I remember writing that 6 months ago about the feeling of autumn, but unfortunately I haven’t really been able to write it about winter. Winter has been AWOL across the most of Europe this year: at my neck of the woods autumn has skipped straight over winter and into spring, following a pattern of seasons something like that suggested by the Pythons:

Remember those plums I was plied with back in the autumn?

P1110946There are still jars of jam sitting in my kitchen cupboard, and even a jar of stewed left. Apart from those, a good portion of them went into Le Parfait jars, immersed in various combinations of alcohol, sugar and spice (that’s what not-so-little girls are made of.) They’ve been sitting in the back of my bottle cupboard ever since the autumn, hidden by the bottles of other poisons. They crept back into my consciousness on Saturday, so we took them out to sample them.


The first one is very Christmassy, due to the cloves and cinnamon. The alcohol in this one is white wine, and I’m not sure how well that keeps, although the taste is very strongly of the plums, rather than the wine. I’ll be saving that one (or at least, trying to,) for presents next Christmas.

The second one is more of a plum version of the sloe gin we always made at home, just a combination of spirits, fruit and sugar. No funny business. I didn’t put in as much sugar as the recipe because of the sweetness of the fruit. The taste is fantastic, just like juicy fresh plums. The fruits of autumn. Doused in alcohol. As all the best fruits of Mother Nature should be.. ;)

We tend to leave our sloe gin for a number of years before drinking it (normally because of the backlog from previous years.) Working on that principle, I’d love to leave this to mature for a while longer, but I’ll be sampling regularly to check its progress…




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