Agnes Jumper (2)



So Agnes is nearly off the needles. I faced one of the most difficult choices I’ve made this year in trying to pick a contrasting colour for the pockets, and ended up with a lovely (fluffy) warm red colour. Ironically it was some wool I picked up out of the reduced basket in a wool shop after already having chosen a different wool for the pockets. Intended for my stash. As it happens it goes nicely with the mossy green, and the other wool will be going into the stash in its place. I hold that no wool I buy is wasted – I will use it one day!




It’s “Space” by Lang Yarns, which is a discontinued line, made up of 37% wool, 36% acrylic and 27% nylon. So even if the rest of the jumper gets devoured by moths, at least I won’t get holes in my pockets!




Here is a peek of colour inside the finished pocket. And check out my new knitting / mending basket: I found it in a lovely fair trade shop in Konstanz at the weekend. An episode that ended in an Irish pub with us winning the England – Ireland 6 nations game. That was a night.




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