Some creative plans for warmer seasons


Here are a couple of plans for clothes for the warmer seasons. I’m determined to start making a larger proportion of my wardrobe, and buying much less. I’m the sort of person that considers time wasted if I don’t have anything physical to show for it. I have to have a knitting project on the go to take when travelling somewhere by train, or watching a film. Setting out my plans on paper is a good idea for someone like me, because it makes me feel as though I’ve done something useful towards my project once it’s in hard copy, it feels like a commitment rather than a random idea, and I’m much more likely to get started.

The first is a top that I’m making from a tunic-style thing that my sister brought back from India. The material isn’t that lovely, apart from the colour, but since it was in the charity shop box, it seemed the perfect thing to start out my sewing adventures with. It’s underway, so hopefully it’ll be posted up here sometime soon. If it doesn’t appear, you know it was a disaster. (That, or I’ve just forgotten!)


(Excuse my inky ramblings on the page…)

If this works out (and maybe even if it doesn’t,) I want to make a similar top with some fabric I found in a sale recently.
Ok, I’ll level with you, it’s a pillowcase. But I’m really after Dobby’s look this spring it was cheap, made of organic satiny cotton, and the pattern reminds me of delicate china-ware, I love it! Look:


I also found, whilst tidying my wardrobe, a blouse that I bought in a charity shop back in the UK, made of some gorgeous printed material, which I intend to re-make in some way, although there are no written-out plans for this one yet. Watch this space.

P1150371 P1150373

The second project, which is almost certainly too difficult for me at the moment, is a pair of loose climbing trousers. I saw a bloke at the climbing hall a couple of weeks ago wearing some that sparked my imagination. I have some loose trousers (again, from my dear sister’s Indian hoard) that are gathered to a fixed band at the bottom. I’d like my new trousers to be something similar, although not quite so baggy (I don’t want to accidentally step on a fold of fabric halfway up a wall and come tumbling down to the bottom <<I put that in to scare my mother) I also want pockets, belt loops and an adjustable band at the bottom so I can tie them up above the knee. Like I say. This may well be a project for future years.


The third is much more imminent, one arm is already nearly finished. I bought 11 balls of red cotton when it was ridiculously reduced in a sale last year, and it was taking up too much room in my stash of wool. The best thing to do with something like that is to use it. I searched Ravelry for a light summer jumper that can be slipped on over a top in the evening when it’s just getting a bit cooler, but couldn’t find anything that matched what I had in my head. So, *deep breath* I’m designing my own… I want to knit from side to side, the whole thing in one piece (this, I have learned, is called a dolman jumper.) I’m doing the arms in the round, and then I’ll split off under the arm and knit the body in the flat before re-joining for the other arm. Wish me luck!

P1150340 P1150344

There it is, already underway in my knitting basket. And just at the back there, you can see a pair of socks that I started for a train journey when the plans for my jumper hadn’t progressed far enough for me to take them on the train.

And last but not least, here is a lovely spring-y pattern that I discovered inside an old violin case.


I’d like to start doing some lino cuts to print onto fabric, this pattern would be perfect for a… well… something. I haven’t decided yet.


4 thoughts on “Some creative plans for warmer seasons

  1. A thought from your old fairy Godmother.
    If you get lots of old clothes made of similar weight/fabric etc, you could make a patchwork out of them and then use the fabric created to make something else.
    You have to come down here and look at my stash of patterns etc.

  2. Wow! you are creative. I don’t have the confidence, or the skills to make clothes. I’m sure these will all be lovely, but especially interested in how the jumper turns out.
    Your patterned blue pillowcase looks a lot like Delft Blue pottery designs, which will make a beautiful top of some kind.

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