Pattern Snippets

In this post I introduced you to some pretty patterned fabric that I have clothing plans for. One of those plans is finished, this pretty china-patterned (and as someone pointed out, which describes it beautifully) Delfty cloth:


I’ve turned this ex-pillowcase into a top, pictures to follow (when I find time to take some!) Here’s a taster:


I came back from England with a pile of gorgeously patterned Indian tops that my dear sister traipsed back from her gap year with for me. Ok, they weren’t (all) originally for me. That bit just sort of happened.
I started to re-make one of these Indian tops a while ago, thinking that having a top-structure already in place would make my job easier. It didn’t. As it turns out, it’s much easier to start with a blank canvas (as it were,) than to adapt a top that already has a form of its own. Nevertheless, I won’t give in. Some of the fabric is so beautiful that I really do want to wear it this summer. Here are some snippets:

P1150962 P1150965 P1150968 P1150975


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