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Remember this patterned fabric? It was on my list of things to do for the summer.

I’m happy to announce that the original, rather shapeless blouse:


has progressed up the re-incarnation ladder, and now looks like this:

P1160503 P1160504

It required a little work, I took the arms off, and turned it round so that the back rather than the front buttoned up. I cut the neckline, front and back and then attempted to deal with the overall shapelessness. It was originally made up with two rectangular panels each side between the front and back pieces which were seamed down the middle and ended in a slit at the bottom.


It was all rather square, so I put it on and pinned it to a better shape (which was slightly awkward, coping with those pins!) Then I traced round the new shape of the side panels onto tissue paper, and made up two new panels out of one of the sleeves. Then I took out the old side panels (French seams: twice as much unpicking!) and put the new ones in.


I made the bottom of the panel a bit curved, and brought the sides up the panel up a bit into a more armhole-shaped, less bra-displaying curve. Just like that.


Ok, I lie, it wasn’t just like that, I’m not what you’d call a dab hand at handling fabric, I haven’t had enough practice, so lining it all up was a bit difficult, but I got there in the end (although one side is a little bit wonky.)

Then I hemmed the bottom of the new panels, arm holes and neck (in contrasting thread), and replaced the little fabric buttons which popped open too easily with some old buttons from my stash. One is a different colour, but by putting it second down, I hope I’ve made a bit of a feature of it, rather than trying to hide it away at the bottom.
The hem on the original blouse hung at the same level all the way round, but on my re-make, it rides up at the front slightly, giving me a lower back hem, which I like.

P1160525 P1160535P1160539

The back is rather more interesting than the front, but that’s ok. I’ve thought about narrowing the shoulders pieces just a bit, taking a bit away from the outside, but since it’s wearable, I’ll probably not get round to it for a while. And anyway, I’m onto my next project (the pieces are all over my floor as I type,) which is the Belcarra Blouse from Sewaholic. It’s the first time I’ve made something for myself using a real pattern… let’s see how it goes!


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