Tea Cosy


Tea cosies are an essential part of making proper English tea. And I’m only saying this with my tongue slightly in my cheek. If you’re making it in a pot (which you should be,) then it will need something to keep it snuggly while it brews. There is nothing worse than pouring a cup of tea and finding that it has just dipped below the optimum drinking temperature.

In an effort to eradicate this problem from The Boy’s house, I knitted him a birthday-pre-present (because the bigger one won’t be ready until I’ve finished a number of other projects and ordered the wool. It’s ok, it’s a autumn/winter-based present anyway.) I knitted it during the family holiday to Sardinia, it was a slightly odd experience, knitting with wool in the Sardinian summer. The pattern is here, which I followed to a tea (haha) except that I only made one pompom (I’m impatient.)

Here it is, being modelled by my teapot.



It’s one of those traditional, genius-design tea cosies, which is knit in stripes, and by pulling the wool running behind each stripe tight, it creates pleating which effectively doubles the thickness of the fabric, and thus the tea-keeping-warm ability of the cosy.



And of course, it can’t be presented without a cardboard teapot inside, preferably with Happy Birthday written on it.



Coming soon: for all you non-British who just don’t understand why we love tea so much, you’ve been making it badly all this time. No wonder you think it’s disgusting! I can help you out.

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