My Saltspring Dress

When I decided to start sewing properly (ie from patterns) I did a lot of looking at Indie pattern sites and going through their patterns picking out and bookmarking patterns that I thought I would wear (very important!) and that fitted into the “beginner” category. Sewaholic has a number in this range, and I ordered one in PDF form to get on with, while I waited for the others that I ordered in printed form to arrive from Canada (I’m materialistic, me.) Saltspring was one of them (the other is the Alma blouse, which is intermediate level – I’m also ambitious and not a little impatient.)


I had some fabric waiting, this gorgeous floral cotton from The Polished Button (which my family were kind enough to ferry out to me when we met up for our family holiday.) In the 2 weeks before we left for our Italian road trip, I decided that I’d like to make and take Saltspring (in addition to the curtains for the camper van, I don’t like to make things easy for myself.)

With the help of the fantastic sewalong on the Sewaholic blog, I managed to get it done in time, including doing the slip stitch hem by hand on a train journey, attracting a couple of slightly bemused looks. I made it without the zip (which I read in a few places isn’t really necessary for someone of my figure) and also without blousing. I’ve never worn something with blousing, and I really didn’t want to end up with a first-sew dress that I didn’t like wearing. The finished dress is a wee bit blousy in the bodice, but not enough to bother me.

I also originally lined the skirt, being worried that the fabric might be see-through in a single layer, but the fullness of the skirt prevents this, and afterwards I decided that it made the skirt hang oddly, giving me bigger hips than I need… I took it out again and it’s sitting around somewhere. Maybe one day I’ll print onto it and use it as a skirt in its own right.

In a bid to squeeze in a few more pictures from Italy, these were taken in Assisi on a day pushing 40 degrees.

P1040498 P1040501 P1040526 P1040513


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