A Couple of Giraffes


Ok, so now that the one that was a surprise present has been given, I can put my first and second crochet projects up here. In line with my attitude of not ever taking the easy route, my introduction to crochet was constructed in double crochet, with magic circles, increases and decreases galore. No doubt simple stuff to a seasoned crochet-er, but I spent more than I wanted on roaming charges while I was in Italy by scouring t’internet for crochet diagrams.


They are made from this pattern by Sarah Zimmerman, and here they are on my Ravelry (and here.)

The new-born size is for a baby that will be arriving in a couple of months, and the larger one was for this adorable little chap, who arrived last autumn, and who came to visit me at the weekend (bringing his parents with him..)

P1170638As you can see, I couldn’t get the ears to sit straight. Here they are from the back.


They’re knitted using Grignasco Australia wool, lovely and warm, just in time for winter. I made the smaller one first, and I probably crocheted enough for two hats, given the amount that I ripped back and re-did. It turns out you have to be very careful about where you start your rounds so that you don’t accidentally increase the number of stitches. Quite different to the knitting that I’m so used to… I’ve a lot to learn!

And now, back to my vinegar-reeking kitchen (it’s chutney time) and the start of this jumper.


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