Brocki Love III (or “A wee confession”)

Well this was bound to happen, wasn’t it. I sort of knew it would, as soon as I’d posted about how I had to regulate my brocki shopping due to lack of flat space. The following weekend I was walking innocently along the road, minding my own business, when a bag of stuff being “got rid of” jumped out at me from the side of the road. Sticking out were some of those picture frames that I’ve been after for ages, the ones that are just a piece of board with a piece of glass held together by metal clips. You know the ones. They’re brilliant for a picture that you don’t want to detract from with a regular frame, but leaving them unframed would mean that they curl up.

P1170685There were three of the larger ones, but unfortunately the glass was broken in one of them. The trouble is that the pictures in them (as demonstrated above) are just so adorable that it might not be possible for me to take them out…
I debated taking them out for a while, but since they were still there after we had been for a coffee, it seemed almost rude not to take them to give them another life.


On the same day we we went into the brocki in town, not on a general brocki shopping expedition, but in search of rubber-sealed glass jars for storing things that come in potentially-insect-penetrable packets (you can’t be too careful.) It was sitting maliciously on the same table as the jars, staring me down, daring me to leave without it. I don’t already have a pressure cooker, and The Boy had bought an identical one at a brocki a while before for 20CHF (about £13.) Now I’m not very knowledgeable about kitchen items, but even I know that Kuhn Rikon is, well, Not Bad. Not Bad at all. And was was even more Not Bad, was the price, which came in at 5CHF (yes, that’s about £3.)


It’s missing the little plastic handle that should be opposite the main handle, but I’m arrogant enough to think that I can make something to replace it (although realistic enough to know that I don’t do it for a very long time…) How cool is the top though? Timings for cooking different things with the cooker. No more rooting around for the pressure cooker cook book like we always seem to be at home!


And the last confession… Well, when we went into town for apples this morning, I didn’t know (I swear!) that there was a flea-market in town. Honestly (no fingers crossed.) It was quite a big one. Given the circumstances, I think we got away quite lightly. It cold have been much worse. It was lucky that The Boy had to be somewhere at 2, or we might still be there now. As it is, this is the sum total of my purchases:


Oh, and the smaller frame in the first picture and another slightly smaller one. The blouse is a slightly odd shape, 3/4 sleeves and a ruffle down the front, but I adore the fabric, and intend to “re-work” it a bit. It’s lovely soft cotton, so it’ll be really comfy too. The stall had a sign declaring that they would reduce their prices for people who were smiling. So we got the price down from 5CHF to 4. The pewter candlestick was a gift from The Boy, he knows that I’ve been after nice old candlesticks for a while, both of them need a good polish.

The biscuit cutters (not cookie cutters, please!) I don’t intend to use to cut biscuits, after a good scrub, I’m hoping to come up with some Christmas decorations as gifts (or to hoard for myself. Mwahahaha!)
And, yes, another lovely cigar box. This one is two or three times as deep as others I’ve seen, they like their cigars here! In fact, I think probably 1/4 of the people I see smoking here are on the cigars.

Right, well, pretty things won’t put themselves away!

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