On and off the needles.

This is a bits and bobs sort of post, just to put down all the bits and bobs of things I’ve been doing that have been flying around in my head since the last post. Unfortunately none of them is in a finished enough state enough to warrant a full post all to itself yet, but just in case you thought I’ve been getting lazy in my sewing or knitting, here’s a little proof that I haven’t.


My sewing machine has spent more time in its case than out recently, due to a few emergency birthday jumpers.  Two are nearly finished (for the two birthdays coming up,) but the one for the birthday that was in June in still in pending. That’s just how I do things. Anyway, a jumper for a summer birthday can surely be delayed a bit?

This jumper is almost off the needles: blocking the front and back is done, and it’s ready for the neckband (/collar.) Here is some of its lovely rib pattern:


Oh, and I’ve been teaching The Boy to knit. I say teaching, I mean reminding (he learned at school when he was a little’un – WAHEY for countries that defy gender-stereotyped activities!) and thoroughly confusing, since he learned the continental way, and I’m teaching him the English way.


In preparation for another project, I got my act together and stuck some lino stamps I made about a year ago to wood for backing, and did some printing onto some cotton.

P1170719(Yes, that ink pad is a piece of felt in a yoghurt lid, soaked in paint. I couldn’t find fabric paint in an ink-pad, so I made do.) P1170718(If you think you’ve seen these stamps before, I copied the designs from some I found on Pinterest. If they belong to you, this ain’t commercial! ;) )

My dear friend over at L’Ombellifère gave me these two patterns from Deer & Doe for my birthday.


They’re both for “intermediate” sewers, and although I don’t really consider myself much above a beginner at the moment, I’m steeling myself to start an Airelle blouse tomorrow, with some cheap fabric I found in Konstanz, before cutting into some lovely (but more expensive) lawn that I bought in one of my internet binge-shopping experiences.
The dress pattern still scares me slightly, as I’ve never inserted a zip before, but I’m hoping to, correction, going to pluck up enough courage (note to self: not Dutch courage…) to make one for Christmas. I’m imagining some lovely warm green fabric. (Mustn’t do red, already have a warm red dress.)

And speaking of L’Ombellifère, remember these wee giraffe hats?


Here you can find the larger one being modelled by, let’s face it, the cutest model we’ve ever seen. He’ll be a heart-breaker one day folks!


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