A One-Year Tortoise.


While I was composing this post in my head, I was wondering where on earth the word “tortoise” comes from. My etymological dictionary is vague, saying that it comes from Latin tortue and Spanish tortuga, which is the pirate’s port town in Pirates of the Caribbean. In Spanish, it is the same as the word for Turtle.) German, too used the same word for tortoise and turtle, that word is Schildkröte, which translates as shield-toad, which is fairly cute. I think.

Anyway. Enough ramble. Early last week, I suddenly realised what time of year it was, and looked at my diary to find out exactly what when his birthday was. What?! One week today?! What to do? What to do?
First thing to do is scour the internet for ideas for birthday presents for one-year-olds. After not  too long, I came across this super-cute (free!) pattern.

It was ridiculously easy to make. Ahem. And so perfect for that birthday you’ve forgotten. (Some people reading will be wondering why I’m so fussed about this late birthday present and not theirs… It’s his first birthday, folks. It wouldn’t bode well for the rest of his birthdays if I was late with the first one!)

This chap was made up with scraps from my first Airelle blouse (coming soon) and a red Belcarra (which I’ve just realised is still unblogged. Oops. Another time.)



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