The Year Gone


Happy new year everyone! I hope 2015 has started off splendidly! I’ve been back from my cheeky slightly-more-than-2-weeks Christmas holidays for a week now, and I’ve been putting the time to good use by letting myself do very little. (I very rarely feel actually relaxed after holidays, as any time back at home is usually spent cramming in as much as possible, and when I’m not out trying to see everyone, I’m trying to make the most of family time. Which generally means late nights, and not nearly enough sleep.) Unfortunately I’m not very good at getting early nights at all (damn you, Broadchurch, you’re not helping!) even with a wonderful dearth of urgent knitting projects and nothing waiting to be sewn apart from a few trouser patches.

So let’s have a wee look back at some of 2014’s best bits.

P1140493Starting the year with a jar full of melting moments can very rarely be a bad thing.

P1140429Walks in the frankly minimal January snow. Here’s hoping that the dusting of snow that fell this morning wasn’t our ration for the year!

P1140399Yeah, ok, I’m not making this blog about work, but when something this beautiful shows up, it’s hard not to show it off!

P1140719Ok, so not so much a high-point, but something for the nice people in Switzerland to work on ;)P1140685Something much nicer: actually this was made the previous year, but not sampled until 2014.

P1140865Then there was my attempt to show the less prissy side of Switzerland, which did slip, but I’ll try and get back to.

P1150275I finished Agnes, which was probably my first knitting project that I wear outside the house.

P1160282 P1160505And I started to dip my toes into the pool of sewing with a couple of upcycling projects, one from a pillowcase, and one from a charity-shop find

P1160964… and then, finally, sewing from a pattern.


P1170126 I cosied tea, and then tried to teach you how to make it properly.

P1040513Went off to Italy

P1170471Saw some fantastic gardens

P1170357With a mission to teach myself to crochet, and happily managed to produce a couple of these:

P1170641P1170110There was my red make-it-up-as-you-go-along jumper, which accidentally came out with negative ease instead of positive, but wasn’t a complete disaster..


Then there was the other red jumper, which is a bit of a story. I’m still psyching myself up to put aside the trauma and write a post about it. :)

P1170848 Then came autumn, with its hopeful cats, P1180028foraged goods,

P1170825chicken-printed bags,

P1180041and sloe gin (which, I’m aware, does fall into the “foraged goods” category, but I think deserves a special mention.)

P1180108There was a quick tortoise for a one-year-old,

P1180104And a quick cardi for a (at the time) 0-year-old.

P1180191And there was my so-far favourite top, the gorgeous Airelle.

And with that, I note that the overall topic of my blog in the second half of last year was overwhelmingly sewing and knitting. Mainly because that was what I was doing a lot of. So this year I’ll try and balance it out a bit.

There are a few projects from the end of last year that were done in a rush before Christmas, and pushed the blogging into the back seat. These will have to go up, since I was pretty happy with how they came out. I’d say hopefully before I start on anything new this year, but I know what I’m like!


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