The Remains of 2014 – Travel Wrap


Here’s a wee travel wrap thingymajig that I made as a birthday present for my little sister who’s off travelling the world soon. Again. (Not jealous. Not jealous. Not jealous. Repeat until convinced.)
Anyway, she’s one of those irritating people whose birthday is ridiculously close to Christmas, so even when you’ve thought of a Christmas present for them, your work is only half done. I wanted to make her something that she’d actually find useful. There aren’t that many situations where you’ll find a thick woolly jumper (Christmas present, coming up here soon) useful in the subcontinent in summer. Actually I can’t think of any. Anyway, I know that living out of a rucksack isn’t much fun when you have to find something important and small in a hurry, so I put together a sort of wrap that she can tidy important things like chargers and sun-cream away in.

I made this up straight out of my head, and it didn’t go off quite as smoothly as it could have. I wanted to have a pretty fabric on the outside, and a plain one inside, with interfacing to make it all a bit sturdier, six pockets along the front and a big sort-of hidden pocket running along the length of it.

Here’s a little drawing:

IMG_0875And another one:

IMG_0873I interfaced sides C and D on the “wrong” side, and side E on the “right” side. Actually I got myself pretty muddled about which bits needed interfacing, and ended up having to pull it off gently, cut it along the dividing line for the section and re-apply it on the other side. Twice. As you can see from this picture:

P1180370Then I put the outer fabric right sides together with sections C and D of the inner fabric, and folded sides E and F right sides together (bear with me) and stitched all the way around the outside, so I was had two giant pockets with the openings towards each other, on different sides, like so:


(I was way too busy trying to stop my brain from imploding at the time to take photos!) Then I turned each “pocket” inside out and well and truly pressed and stitched up the openings.


Then I folded it into uneven thirds, sewed along the bottom, and stitched down to form six pockets between the smaller “third” and the one next to it, without going through all three layers (so it was a long tube) so that there would be a long pocket running the length of the (unfolded) wrap. Then I pinned two pieces of ribbon in place for tying it up, and stitched up the outer end, closing the tube, forming the pocket.

P1180375You can’t see the long pocket here, it’s only accessible when the wrap is fully unwrapped.

P1180378Hopefully this will see some active service pretty soon!


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