A Short Interlude


A short interlude in England. Just four days. For a family occasion, as someone said to me, these days we all seem to meet up only for weddings and funerals. Unfortunately this was the latter, but keeping up with family is always a pleasure.

In amongst the preparations and faffing, we all managed to get out for a walk in the Sunday afternoon sun. At this time of year, afternoon sunlight (if you can get it) is lovely and hazy, wonderful for taking photos.

P1180771These are something that I miss in Switzerland. The almost mechanical chatter that you hear all over the countryside. Also the alarming way that they suddenly fly out of a clump of grass two feet in front of you when you hadn’t even realised they were there.

P1180776A fairly handsome Red Deer.

P1180777Just gone out for a drink…

P1180779This chap was just hangin’ out by the trough while his hareem waited at a respectful distance. I can never help thinking that it must be pretty annoying having those great things sticking out of the top of your head, but then I suppose they don’t tend to go through as many doorways as we do. (Although low-hanging branches must cause some embarrassment sometimes…)

P1180787 P1180792You can see the mud here, I actually had much less control over my sliding around than I did the previous week on a pair of skis up a snow-covered hill!

P1180797 P1180805 P1180808I love the silhouettes of furry trees in winter, where the amount of ivy keeping them warm (yes, and nicking their water) shows because of their lack of foliage. They look very chunky, all wrapped up for the colder seasons.

P1180809 P1180810  P1180813I love the silhouettes of trees, and the different tracery that each species has without its leaves.

P1180815Something out of The Lord of the Rings…

P1180816We passed a small child riding, although she did seem to have her boots. I don’t know how you lose something like these.

P1180818Bat willows. Waiting to be made into that noblest of items, the cricket bat.

P1180821 P1180823 P1180824 P1180828

I love the Swiss countryside, but it is so terribly grand and impressive. Somehow it can’t come close to the understated, gently rolling hills of England. How very poetic and patriotic of me.

P1180831Last but not least, this slightly alarming piece of what I can only hope is modern art. It loomed over us as we hurried to finish the circuit before the light went.


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