The Remains of 2014 – Guston


Here are a couple of jumpers that were finished around Christmastime. The first is Guston by Anne Budd, which was intended to be for The Boy’s birthday, and officially it was, but it didn’t make it off the needles until shortly before Christmas. The cold season here has only really started since I’ve been back after Christmas anyway, so no harm done.
It’s a lovely pattern, with plenty of boring stockinette stitch to get on with in front of Bridget Jones’s Diary, although attempting the rib / cable section in front of Harry Potter (on the basis that I’ve seen them so many times that I won’t really need to watch them) was a recipe for trouble. I made a number of little errors including things like binding off instead of decreasing at the armhole on one side so that one armscye is a nice smooth curve and the other one is made of little steps, but when it was all sewn up, you can’t really see it. The day I knit a garment without any small mistakes will mark a new stage in my knitting journey.

P1180638 P1180645The Boy wanted wooden buttons, but I found these fake wooden buttons in the local brocki, which I think are pretty cute and retro.

P1180662Look at the jumper. Look at it!

P1180614And just to prove that it’s not only useful for snowy days, here it is in the pub with a couple of pints (or a pint and a ginger beer shandy anyway!) I love the colour of the wool, it’s Cascade 220 in “Japanese Maple”. A lovely warm colour, pretty similar to my corduroy Kelly Skirt which I absolutely love for this time of year. Good choice, Boy!
All in all, I think this is probably the best thing I’ve ever knitted – I’m really happy with it.

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