The Remains of 2014 – Agnes


This was meant to be a joint post about Christmas jumpers with the post about Guston, but unfortunately I forgot to get pictures of my sister wearing it, and my subsequent requests for pictures… well, blood and stones don’t come close, so here is the post sans modelled photo. The jumper is another Agnes, also in Drops Nepal wool, like the one I made for myself, this time in Old Pink, which I love. It’s not quite as boxy as mine, because I made some mods to the original pattern to make it a bit looser-fitting for me. Sis prefers things without quite so much positive ease, so I just followed the pattern straight, although I did add some length to the arms, which I also had to do with mine (I just undid the binding off and added a couple more rows of ribbing.)


Another thing I found about my Agnes is that because of its raglan construction and how heavy the wool is, the weight of the sleeves pulled the neckline quite a long way out of shape, especially when combined with the friction of putting it on over a long-sleeved top, so I crocheted around the neckline on both my jumper and this one in a contrasting colour (on mine I did it in the same colour wool as I used for the pockets.)


Sis also originally asked me if I’d make hers without the pockets, because on mine they add quite a bit of bulk to the hips, but I thought this would make the jumper quite boring. The contrasting pockets are the main feature on this jumper, so I decided (gulp) to try and make fabric pockets which wouldn’t add bulk. I draughted a pattern from my head and then found some fabric (which was a free sample from somewhere or other) that contained a pink that matched the jumper. Then I cut out four pieces, two in one direction, and two mirror-images, and sewed them together with French seams: since jumpers are pulled on and off over clothes fairly frequently, any raw edges would fray all over the place.



(You can see on the left pocket the notches where I clipped the seams and finished the pocket, and then decided that it was too small and so undid it all to make it bigger…)


I attached it to the knitted opening with an overcast stitch by hand.


I think they go nicely with the wool. I tacked them loosely down to the inside in a couple of places with wool through the French seams.

I’m pretty happy with this jumper, although this particular wool makes it extremely warm. Luckily, though, I live in a country famed for its snow and ice, and Sis lives oop north, and most English houses have pretty lamentable insulation, so a bit of personal insulations never goes amiss during the winter months. Hopefully at some point she’ll favour me with a picture of her wearing said jumper, and then I can prove to the world (or at least the extremely small proportion of it that reads this blog) that it both fits her and is wearable!

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