Brocki Love and Decisions to Make


It’s been a while since I posted about my brocki (second-hand shop) finds, but that’s no indicator that I’ve let up on my brocki perusing. I probably have become older and *ahem* wiser about my brocki habit, partly because my little flat is fairly full as it is, so the search for furniture has pretty much tailed off, and that was what I used to go in search of. But I still find them pretty hard to resist, and last weekend The Boy found himself, once again, watching me riffling through the drawers of sewing bits and bookshelves (hey, they usually have an English-, or at least foreign-language section!)

I came away with full arms (I tend to refuse plastic bags if it’s at all possible that I can carry everything without more than, say, three droppages. And anyway, the car was just outside) and an emptier purse than was strictly necessary.

So here we go: firstly a roll of sunflower-printed brown paper (my brain automatically edits out the question “but what are you going to do with it?” So don’t even bother.)


A pretty little tin which I did offer to buy The Boy to keep biscuits in…


… but it’s not particularly airtight and it happens to be the perfect size to keep my decorative elastic in, so I’m glad he realised just how unsuitable it would be for his biscuits.


So what if I’m a sucker for pretty tins? If the storage is as pretty (or more so) as the contents, then it’s easier to keep things tidy. That’s the idea anyway. *Cough*
And speaking of tins, here’s another brocki tin from a while ago that I keep my buttonnnnsssssss (Gollum voice) in.


I find a lot of buttons in brockis as well. It’s a lot cheaper than buying them from proper sewing shops, and you can find simple styles in almost every colour rather than being limited to one style per shade. And while you’re there, you can also have a rummage in the trimmings drawer…


Yes, that’s another tin they’re in.

But anyway, the item that actually depleted my purse contents, and the decision to be made:


16 balls of Debbie Bliss Luxury Tweed Aran wool. Well, actually, it’s wool and angora. And so soffft. Pure wool can often be a bit itchy, but from rubbing the balls of this wool against my arm and cheek (I’m a knitter, that’s perfectly normal behaviour, ok?) it feels lovely-soft.

So the decision is what to knit with it. Ok, I’ve narrowed it down a bit. I want it to be a jumper (or cardi, if I find a pattern I really like) and I want it to have a cable pattern. I haven’t knitted cables for ages, My last jumper project was colourwork, my next one will be too (when I finally order the wool, my mother is getting this beautiful design (or here, if you’re not on Ravelry) by Kate Davies for her next birthday (probably not) / Christmas (more likely) and my current project (as yet unmentioned on here) is straight stockinette stitch.

I’ve been stalking the corridors of Ravelry, and have managed to narrow the available options down to 8 (and believe me, that was hard enough!) Here they are:

Cable knits

So, from up to down, left to right:

I’ve had a bit of a crush on that Offshore V-Neck for a while, ever since I saw it on Fringe Association last winter. I like the boxy fit, but I’m not sure if I’d find the baggy sleeves a bit annoying. Maybe it’s time for me to try out less fitted sleeves, after my trials and tribulations with my current project’s sleeves… (coming soon to a blog post near you. Hopefully.)

If any thoughts, preferences, or better ideas present themselves, please do make them known! I really am terrible at decisions.

And finally, here are some real sunflowers to brighten your day.


Yup. That bottle came, not from a brocki, but from some sort of old glass and jar stall that had been left outside a bar with an honesty box. 2 for 1CHF. Well what’s a girl to do?


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