The last throes of summer: more Tiny Pocket Tanks


Every time I think that summer is fading into autumn, and the relief of cooler days, the sun pops back up and says “hey! How about a nice cup of 35 degrees?” and I have to pull out the summer clothes again. That said, unless we get an Indian summer, I expect that last weekend will have been the last bout of swelter for this year. So in honour of that, here is the last of my summer sewing, in the form of some more Tiny Pocket Tanks. 

My first TPT was a bit of a mosaic when I realised that the top I was squeezing the fabric out of was narrower than the pattern. The next one went much more smoothly. I decided to make a jersey version because, well, ironing. I feel a lot more dressed-up in woven tops, and I wanted something more casual. This is a thickish, very smooth and comfy cotton interlock from a remnants bin somewhere, so I thought it’d be good for trying out converting a pattern from woven to knit.

P1210187 P1210186

I originally put the pocket on it, but it was pretty messy, because I tried to topstitch it with a double needle, so I ended up taking it off. I do still have it hanging around, but I doubt that it’ll go back on because a) I’m lazy, and b) I intend to take the side seams in anyway to make it more suitable for layering under a more fitted long-sleeved top during colder weather, and a bulky pocket on the bottom layer won’t add anything to this look.

The next one is made of viscose Jersey, which you may recognise from my Plantain, and you’d also recognise from my second Camas blouse if I’d got round to blogging about that yet.
I wanted to squeeze this out of some of the smaller bits of the jersey so that I had enough left over for that Plantain, so I made the front in two pieces seamed together down the middle (which is more visible in the picture above^^). I think that this adds a bit more interest to the top, especially since I left the pocket off this one as well.

P1210137 P1210139

(Apologies for the creases, I took the picture after I’d worn it all day, and then taken it off and scrunched it up.)

Then I went back to woven, and made this out of some light cotton also from a remnant bin with an interesting uneven-dye-pattern. I forgot what I’d realised about needing a slightly bigger size in woven fabric that I wrote about with my first TPT. But I like it, none-the-less.

P1210133 P1210135

So I decided, as the weather began again to drift towards the autumnal, to whip up one in a size 6 out of some obscenely yellow cotton that I found in my stash, so that come next summer, I’ll know what size to go for.

P1210195 P1210198

And now, down to some autumn sewing…


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