Ripping off Shakespeare

Sometimes, dealing with opposing view-points can be fairly humourless. So here is an attempt at some humour.


Let me not at the barrage of closed minds
attempt intelligence. For not one case
will alter when it quiet reason finds
or, willing, look itself full in the face:
Oh no! It is an ever-fixèd grudge
That reasoned argument believes mistaken;
and each opponent rather just pre-judge
than risk from dreams of black and white awaken.
Waste not one breath, for shouting at a wall
no pain relieved or city reunited;
Waste not brief hours, for time will never stall,
and wasted, patience is, on the short-sighted.
If blinkered anger is their sole resort,
the moral high-ground is my only port.

(And just in case of some 17th century copy-right, here is the original. Check it out. it’s not bad.)


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