Well, I finally took a leap and moved myself from fairly easy-construction garments to shirts. There are a lot of Archer shirts around the blogosphere, and I’m only going to keep adding to it, because I love the pattern. But I’m not going to write a lot about it, because frankly the sewing blog community is full of more experienced people who have a lot more intelligent things to say about shirt construction than I do.

I made a muslin, and apart from shortening the sleeves by an inch and a half, making the pocket a bit smaller, getting the button & buttonholes on the cuffs the right way round, and the box pleat on the back somehow the wrong way round, I didn’t make any changes between the bed-sheet muslin and the chambray real thing.

So here’s the around-the-house wearable muslin:

P1210248 P1210249

And the real deal:

P1210274 P1210275I think I made the pocket a bit too small. Next time I’ll aim for somewhere between the two. I also used the Grainline tutorial for a fake envelope pocket, which I really like.P1210277 P1210278Somehow I attached the yoke and yoke lining to the back the wrong way round, or at least got it the wrong way round at some point after they were attached. What’s more surprising though, is that I didn’t even realise when taking these photos, it took me until I had washed both the muslin and this one and was hanging them to dry side by side that I noticed there was a difference. Oh well, inverted box pleat is a thing. And I don’t think it hangs any worse.P1210280 P1210286I really like how the collar looks open like this, especially with the freshly-pressed chambray. I am less likely to wear it like this, but just for reference:



P1210289 P1210288

Another note is that on this herringbone chambray, which I love, it’s very obvious when top stitching and cutting isn’t completely straight. I think I’ve done a reasonable job, but it could be better!

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