When this pattern came out, Grainline Studios was only half on my radar. Every time I saw a Grainline pattern I thought they looked so well-made that I thought they were way out of my league. But then I got a couple of their other patterns under my belt (including the Archer shirt, which I knew was much more complex, construction-wise) I stopped being scared of it. And then I came across some lovely ponte in a sale which just shouted “Morris” at me. I had a look at other patterns for more casual cardis, but the Morris pattern kept coming back into my head, and in the end I caved in and clicked ‘buy’ (and then asked my poor long-suffering mother to cart it across the Bernese Oberland to me.)

I originally intended to make a few modifications – to lengthen the sleeves and add pockets, but in the end I just lengthened the sleeves. Adding pockets on a fabric as floppy as this would have pulled the whole thing out of shape, especially as I tend to stand around with my hands in my pockets. I’d like to make another one in a stretch woven, which should be more suitable for pockets.

The centre seam down the back is a nice little detail


I really like the slightly unusual pointed shapes of the bottom hem and shawl collar, lots of people have commented on it.



The sleeves are described on the pattern specs as bracelet-length, which I, as an absolute non-fashionista, have never come across before, but judging by other people’s versions look like they’re longer than 3/4 length, but still short enough to be annoying to me. So I lengthened them by 1 1/2″, and originally intended just to do away with the sleeve facing and just fold up the hem. When I tried it on just before finishing the sleeves I realised that the addition of interfaced facings would hold the shape of the sleeves better, for a more jackety, less cardigany look, so I went with that. I’m glad I did, the whole garment has a slightly more polished look, and heaven knows I have enough casual cardis!


As ponte knit is fairly floppy (technical term there!) I decided to interface not only the facing but also the part of the front pieces that is faced so that the “reinforced” facing wouldn’t make the front bag out as other bloggers have found. This is recommended on the Grainline blog as well, and although you can see this a bit in the pictures, it’s much less obvious in real life.

DSC_0207DSC_0201 DSC_0211 (2)

Incidentally, the better-than-usual quality of pictures in this post is down to my visit to Strasbourg partly for the Stoffspektakel fabric market (since which I’ve been on a fabric-buying diet (or fast, actually) and partly to visit my dear friend behind L’Ombellifère (and her husband and gorgeous children. And her posh camera!)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some serious knitting to do, due to a miscalculation with gauges and knitting needle sizes which means that I have to re-do 16″ of knitting!

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