Crochet Creatures


Inspired by Lucie’s post to get my versions of these up onto the blog. They’re from the book “Edward’s Menagerie” by Kerry Lord which my mum gave me for Christmas just over a year ago. I actually started crocheting from it pretty soon after receiving it, (it came at an opportune time, just as my friends and family started having babies) but didn’t want to a separate post for each one. Now I’ve done four of them, you can have them all in one nice, compact, easy-to-use blog post.

First of all I made the rabbit (called Emma in the book.)


It went off pretty well, although making the face as cute as the pictures in the book was a little tricky. This went to the first of the new generation in my extended family.

Encouraged, I moved on to the chimp, Benedict.


I found the head shape a bit difficult. It doesn’t look quite as good as the book example. It went to the daughter of a good friend who arrived (in her own sweet time) in the autumn.

Then I did the hippo (Georgina)


This is my favourite so far, although I didn’t get any really good pictures. I thought the head shaping came out really well, and it sits nicely. That went to the second child of another very dear friend.

And so that her older brother wouldn’t be jealous, and because the block-colour crocheting seemed to be going pretty well, I branched out. He received the zebra (Alice)


I found the instructions for the stripes on the head not quite right to get the same effect as shown in the book. They gave a much smaller dark muzzle. Ravelry revealed that other people had the same problem, so here is what I did, just for reference:

Rounds 1-18: 2 round stripes starting with white.
Rounds 19-end: all in black

And I thought to take pictures of the side and back too.



Just now I’ve run out of babies needing gifts that haven’t had these animals, but I’ve no doubt that I’ll be diving back into the book in the future. I have my eye on the aardvark, the lion, the rhino, the alpaca, the Dorset Down sheep, the Highland cow, the …..

Ok I’ll stop now.

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