A Short Interlude


A short interlude in England. Just four days. For a family occasion, as someone said to me, these days we all seem to meet up only for weddings and funerals. Unfortunately this was the latter, but keeping up with family is always a pleasure.

In amongst the preparations and faffing, we all managed to get out for a walk in the Sunday afternoon sun. At this time of year, afternoon sunlight (if you can get it) is lovely and hazy, wonderful for taking photos. Continue reading “A Short Interlude”

Villa Garzoni once more


Autumn has set in again. As if we ever had a proper summer. Ha!
My kitchen smells of hot food cooking, my fingers smell of the cumin that I have been pounding in the mortar with the pestle (or was it in the pestle with the mortar?) There’s a bag of apples on the floor to be dealt with, jars of stewed plums in the cupboard, a bowl of stolen foraged hazelnuts on the table, and I’ve already dealt with the first excess of squash. My to-knit list is underway and growing, and all thoughts of light sleeveless tops to sew have been replaced with more sensible three-quarter to full length sleeved thoughts.

It seems to be a good time to remember that, although the summer never quite reached Switzerland, we did seek further south, and found her, living it up in Italy. Continue reading “Villa Garzoni once more”

An Italian Break


We arrived back on Sunday after a 10 day break in a van in Italy, driving from the top down as far as Lago di Bolsena and back again, taking in, amongst other, Brescia, Collodi, Manciano and Assisi.

We faced ten days of battling with Italian road signs (which are more charitably passed off as a strange Italian sense of humour, and less charitably as a ploy to drive non-locals onto the more expensive toll roads,) our hair-raising fellow Italian road-users, Fantastic coffee, and the new knowledge that it is possible to get terrible pizza in Italy (as proved by a certain Pizzeria-Restaurant in Assisi.) Despite the ridiculousness of travelling to Italy in August in an un-air-conditioned van without a sat-nav or a clear plan of where to go, we survived our trip and haven’t completely ruled out doing it again. Continue reading “An Italian Break”

Switzerland Unsterilised 1


Switzerland is a country of outstanding natural beauty. That much is agreed on by pretty much everyone who has ever been (t)here. Holiday brochures, picture postcards, tourist websites are drowned in swathes of fantastically-fairy-tale castles and cute little villages against a backdrop of semi-surreal snow-capped mountains. And it’s not airbrushing. It really does look like that. It’s very clean, very maintained, very twee beautiful. Continue reading “Switzerland Unsterilised 1”


I’m a terrible person to go for a walk with, or to go to a city with, or to… actually I’m a terrible person to go anywhere with. It’ll take twice as long as it would without me. Unless I’ve forgotten my camera, in which case you’ll have to put up with me lamenting all the lost photos that I see but can’t take.


And so far, most of these pictures have ended up in a pile of folders deep in my hard-drive. Now I’ve started to put some of them into photo albums that are going onto their own little page, reached by this link, or alternatively the link at the top of the page (look up ^^ look up!)

That’s it, just a quick one, I have a lot of Christmas presents to finish before I go home in 2 weeks!