About me

Hello! P1020413

I’m Rose, I’m twenty-something, English, and hopeless at writing about myself.
So, for now, a few basics:

  • I have left the white shores of Albion and am now living in Helvetica.
  • I like to live as cheaply (I know, what a country to choose, eh!) but greenly (is that a word?) But if it’s a choice between the two, the latter trumps the former.
  • I like to make things. I am very lucky to have (trained for and) found a job that allows me to work with my hands.
  • I like taking photographs. And going for a walk with me inevitably takes longer (or becomes a shorter walk) because of this.
  • I love travelling, I wish I had enough money to take myself off somewhere, anywhere, anytime. But I like having a cosy home to return to.
  • I love to cook and bake. Although I prefer the more frivolous side of this, cakes and quiches and crumbles. When it comes to feeding myself, of an evening, I’m not very inspired.
  • Sport: To do: Climbing. To watch: Cricket (I know, I know)
  • Music: To listen: The possibilities are endless, although I have some definite dislikes. To play: Piano (although difficult since my flat is too small to fit one in, so I have to make do with other people’s when I have the chance.) Violin (even more rarely, because it’s less fun on your own.)
  • Beliefs: Some very strong ones. But they are liable to change if I realise that I only have them because they’ve always been there and I suddenly start to think about them. Then I can swing alarmingly from one side to another.

And the name of the blog? When I was a clumsy little girl, my father used to explain to all and sundry that I had a problem with gravity, and my childhood (particularly the time spent in the kitchen) was punctuated with remarks of “remember gravity!”
So here I am, years later, remembering it. Trying to let myself spend some time away with the fairies, but every now and then remember to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.


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