Spring in the City

It’s cliché, but it’s true. The bursting of the delicate leaves out of the tips of hitherto dead-seeming twigs is utterly magical.

P1150330 P1150375 P1150378


The primroses here are wonderful. I’m used to only the pale yellow ones, but here they are just as common in all shades between pink and purple.

P1150213 P1150216


They adorn my kitchen windowsill beautifully. :)



I also find beautiful, the retro-style electric bus lines which trap the majority of the city under what seems sometimes like a giant spider web. I’ve yet to see the giant spider. Luckily.

P1150442 P1150445 P1150446


Also very beautiful this evening, is the fluffiness of the short little needles on the blue fir (I think, my father will correct me if not,)



and the smooth, bare, twisted limbs of the plane trees.


I find spring completely wonderful. I’m aware of what I said about autumn being my favourite season, but I’m prepared to go back on that!

My good mood has absolutely nothing to do with 20% off all wine in Coop. Honestly!


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