Stockinette and Garter

This has come off the needles (and been buttoned) in the last couple of hours. In time for a new arrival that should be here sometime soon. I like knitting for babies of an unknown flavour, I like knitting something without worrying if it’s too girly or boy-y (hum) as I thoroughly disagree with putting them into gender-specific clothes and imposing gender stereotypes on them from birth. Here’s to gender stereotype-bashing!

In that spirit, here is something that is neither blue nor pink:

P1180104 P1180106

It’s the “In Threes” baby cardigan from Kelly Herdrich which I think is just gorgeous. Simple stockinette stitch with bands of garter stitch. When looking for a pattern I went through my stash (must knit from stash, must knit from stash!) and then searched for patterns based on what I came across. This is Merino S160 from Lang Yarns, quite a common brand of wool on the continent, but one which I’ve never come across in England, which is sad because they have some lovely yarns. I love the muted orange of this wool. Last year I made a baby garment in a much deeper orange, which I still love, but I’m going more for the muted colours this season. I also went for colourful buttons, as I’ve been having a wooden button phase, which gives a nice rustic look, but sometimes a splash of colour is called for, and I found these in my button tin which were just the right size and number.

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